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Battlefield Mobile (Early Access) – FPS Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Battlefield Mobile (Early Access) – FPS Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Rally your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield™ franchise has arrived on mobile with all your favorite FPS combat, superior teamplay, and genre-defining destruction – now more thrilling than ever.


Squad up in Battlefield Mobile. You and your crew will press the assault on maps and modes both new and familiar. Build a loadout of authentic weapons and gadgets. Fight for control of powerful vehicles like tanks and ATVs. Destroy the field of battle with large-scale environmental destruction. Combat abilities are always growing granting you the capacity for mass warfare.

►► Total Size: 840MB

► Online/Offline: Online

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► IOS: Coming Soon
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  1. i'm playing right now, and i admit this is marvelous, even still alpha test. i don't have problem with the sound thought, sound is smooth so far not like in this video.

    for me best setting for this BFM, graphics medium frame high bloom off and done.

  2. the only thing i found disturbing is no weapon sway which is omnipresent since " bad company 2 " and the weird character models but let's not forget that its an Alpha is it's huge progress

  3. What is this absurdity ? Why is it not compatible with my device ? My phone Huawei Mate 10 Lite .. When I tried the game for the first time in the alpha version, it worked normally and now it is not compatible

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