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  1. How many times have you blown your trading account? 3 was enough for me 😭😭💯

  2. Revenge trading is definitely a sigh of you letting your emotions take over on your trades and it’s a sigh to go away for the day speaking from experience… these markets showed my why I should not revenge trade

  3. Doyle! Love your content! Question if you can please explain, how do you trade nas100usd and other cfd's in the US? Tradingview/oanda say i cannot trade since i am in the us.

  4. I haven't blown an account but I've taken a few L's lol. Most recently, I opened my second account (first one is margin second is cash) and I lost 1/3 of it in about 4 minutes calling myself "scalping" Tesla 🥴. I had to sit out for about 2 months, but now I'm back like cooked crack.

  5. Hello Bro, can you tell me what is the name of that colored keyboard used to open trades in mt4?

  6. How u did that the only way u could lose everything is with 1:1000 leverage and Ik your broker doesn’t support that! And why don’t use the index heatwave?? It’s allowed me to have a flawless performance

  7. Doyle, I could listen to you all day Man, You speak from the heart, you are real and you make a lot of sense. Thank you for making time out of your schedule to inspire others, God bless you Man 🙏🙏

  8. Whats the discount code for the course, gotta get it.. this man is putting the people on..

  9. I throwed risk management out of the window today and yesterday. I been tired and of mentally as well(so should probly take a break) Definetly hit my account bad. It was a small acc but anyways.. On the flipside i saw most of my analysis turned out to winners even though i didn't take em all so that's nice to see some progression that i am actually seeing setups in the market. Good video needed this

  10. Yo Doyle, would be really interested to see you talk about taxes & forex. A lot of people out here posting profits, profits and profits. But the real of it is if you’re making a a lot of money, tax will follow!

  11. I bet most people, myself included, also blow accounts after accounts because of greed and lack of discipline, not because of their strategies.

  12. i lost 22k one shot credit spread – all in – in options – that was enough for me XD hahaha

  13. Just blow mine last night ,and it was my last earn money 😂 damn 😓 but anyway ,I give thanks to my self I have a strong psychology . The only thing drawing me is risk management . Thanks for the video in anyway ✌️

  14. How I keep moving is that I tell myself that I cannot give up now, I've invested so much time and money into this shit, I have to carry on.

  15. Blew my account 3 times…telling myself ima get better tho shit is hard tho

  16. A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them. –Henry Kravis

  17. Love that lmao. If you blow an account with only $600 in it who cares bro 😂😂😂.

    Bangers as always family 🔥

  18. Thats so true intsa fb youtube show the big wins no losses not easy

  19. I blew alot of accounts because of fake ppl telling me the wrong things

  20. Just dropped a video on building a traders mindset you should check it out

  21. Yep trading is hard especially when u got a messed up psychology

  22. Dam this video touched me men 💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. I done blew like 20 real accounts. I done blew so many It don’t even phase me no more lol. Now I only trade small accounts until I learn how to control my mental consistently.

  24. I have been learning to trade via Youtube for the past three years. I should have gotten a mentor early on. I have tried all kinds of strategies. To make a long story short. Trading will beat the shit out of your mind. I am tens of thousands of dollars in the red. I am just know starting to have more green days then red. I am in to deep now to quit. Trading or nothing at this point. On the bright side of things, I will be able to recoup all of the loses faster then I lost it. This market owes generational wealth and its time to collect. Lets go 1%'s. Stay positive.

  25. It comes down to over leveraging and over trading if u don't master that and your emotions doesn't matter how good your strategy is u will blow every account you have💯

  26. It's going to sound funny but I am more of a small account builder 5$-1000$ and a day came I had 8$ in my trading account and just like that gone over some news release believe it still hurts like hell. I don't think the amount in the account matters cause it would still hurt like hell. Doyle's thanks man and whoever is reading this don't give up

  27. Today I almost blew my account, I lost 4000 dollars bro, I feel bad, I just open youtube and see your video bro, i will take a few weeks to clear my mind. This is really hard. thanks for uploading these videos. I really needed this.

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